Thursday, 25 June 2015

Uno in the library

At lunch me, Makayla, Sam and Emily played 21 card Uno and i won 2 times and Makayla won 3 times we had lots of fun with the cards.


Today the bus was good it was quiet and peaceful well there was talking but inside talking. I sat next to
Sam W on the way there and then i sat next to Ellie. Me and Sam didn't talk at all but me and Ellie did the whole ride back.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Make Inferences Term 1

I can describe
inference in
a text.

1: That i need to be free
2: text clues
3: bullied
4: they want us to keep listening

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


On the bus to tech me and Emily read a book and we looked at it for the whole ride . A few boys talked across the other side but it was better than last time. The bus was a little noisy but okay. On the way there i sat next to know one witch is a bit weird because people were sitting three to a seat.


Today we did pals Virginia helped us because Danny left. We played soccer and we gave up because the kids weren't listening so we played octopus lots of the kids were running threw the game and i think it went well.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

playing four square our awesome version

At morning tea and lunch me, molly, emily, jasmine, isaac, jacob, jesse and some of jacobs friends. The awesome version is it is passing a touch ball instead of bouncing a ball. Me and some other people were doing this to help us with our passing for koru games.

picking up rubbish

I picked up rubbish with Molly and Emily to help the school and we picked up a bag full and we got pozis Mrs Alice thought that we being roll models for the younger kids. Some kids asked us why we were picking up rubbish but all we said is we were helping the school.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

cooking homework challenge

meal one

Pumpkin soup & garlic bread

Sirloin steak, rice, coliflower, beans and carrots
Chocolate mousse & cream

meal two

Tomato soup & croutons
Roast chicken, corn, potato chips, peas and beans
 creamy chocolate mousse with marshmallows

meal three

Bread selection and dips
 Narchos, carrots and beans

Peer mediation

Grace didn't do peer mediation because she said the field was closed so only me and jack did it we had no problems like always and we saw lots of little kids playing games that are aloud and we saw some little kids playing in some water witch was not very good but we couldn't tell them off.