Tuesday, 5 August 2014

leadership club

This term we will be organising a leadership club.Apart from that,in the club we will be watching leadership video's plus have activities,share stuff you have done towards leadership.this will be once every 2 weeks.year 4-8 can only be involved.2 people will be leading this every WED .There will be leadership ticks in this club.This club is so kids can learn more about leadership and share what leadership skills they have shown around school and at home.The major point is that, kids all around the school will show leadership.Plus in this club we will set challenges for kids eg helping people,creating a sensible game and including others and with all that, showing the care values.With this club,kids will show leadership around the whole school.
We would appreciate it,if you could hand this over to Abdul or Oliver in RM9.               
Any questions,feel free to ask Oliver and Abdul.

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3 videos of leadership
leadership missions eg.help others           
share your leadership achievements
leadership tick chart
word finds
colouring sheets

3 videos to do with leadership

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